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Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Save The Dino (Short Review)

Jurassic Park (Genesis)

Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic World at Comic Con 2014!

     This years Comic Con is in full swing and Jurassic World is in attendance at the event! We'll be updating this page with all the brand new news that comes from the Con! According to this, footage will be shown on Saturday. Hopefully we can see some footage leak, and of course let's hope we get some new game news this year! (Fingers crossed!)  Hit the jump for the full scoop!

Jurassic Park Mii Verse Friends!


    Ever since the dawn of Nintendo's Wii, we've seen plenty of celebrates and plenty of characters from TV shows, video games, and cartoons. But have you ever wanted to have some Jurassic Park Mii characters on your 3DS, Wii, or Wii U? Well fear not! Thanks to JPLegacy user sdp now you can have three characters from the films as well as the man himself Stephen Spielberg.

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Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores Review

     Dino games in the console space are slim to none these days... But if you take a look at the IOS or android market place they're almost over flowing with Dino content. Although there are some stinkers in there, if you've ever played Deer Hunter 2014 by Glu Games, then you already know that Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is nothing but quality and fun!

Jurassic Park Aftermath Still In Development After All?


     A few months ago I wrote a article about how Jurassic Park Aftermath, a game from creator Vangrantart, that very well may have become the best Jurassic Park game ever, was cancelled. Well it looks like the game is actually still in development thanks to a YouTube video and some images posted on the forums of JPLegacy.org!

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