A Megalodon in BattleField 4?!


     BattleField 4 has been out for some time now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and talk a mighty Megalodon hidden in the game seems to be a huge topic lately!  Word of a Megalodon hidden somewhere in the game came from YouTube user "JackFrags".  Now thousands of gamers have joined the search! In the video after the jump, JackFrags says how he thinks there could be a Megalodon hidden somewhere in the game, and then shows there efforts to find the prehistoric beast.

Hit the jump to find out more!

     After the video was posted Reddit.com users got involved.  Even providing a map and different clues and scenarios to find Megalodon.  This mystery has yet to be solved, but one Reddit user (norskp90x) looked through the files of BattleField 4 and found something interesting.  What he discovered was a file containing the goat from Jurassic Park in the out of bounds area of Rouge Transmission ( a map included with the game) as well as a T-Rex sound file.

     So could this be the answer to the mystery? Or does DICE have plenty more Dino surprises for us to find?  Keep it here for all future updates on this interesting story!

[UPDATE!]  The long rumored Megalodon has actually been found and it explodes!  Check it out in the video below!!

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